What are your current services?

I have one design package currently, check it out here! And I'm going to open up time for smaller projects (for past clients only) this fall. I know their brand and site inside and out so it'll be easy and fun to create new individual collateral pieces or web pages as they need them.

I just need a logo, is that ok?

The magic happens between me and my clients when we create a whole new logo (branding) and website together so that everything works as one, every piece is on purpose, and you'll get all the essential tools you'll need in your toolbox to grow your biz to the next level. So unfortunately I no longer take on just logo/branding projects.

I just got my branding done and just need a website. Do you take on just websites?

Occasionally I'll take on a client that has had their branding done by a designer already (logos, fonts, colors) if I feel like I'll be a good fit/the right designer to carry out their brand's look & feel to website form. Feel free to reach out, and we can talk this through more.

How long do projects usually take?

It takes 7-12 weeks to create a fully custom brand and site; the pace of the timeline depends on the feedback and our rhythm of working together. Everyone is different!

Do you offer payment plans?

Totally. My design package starts at $6500 – you'll get a final quote once you've reached out, and I know exactly what site pages you need. Payment is broken into 4 installments – a deposit to hold your spot, one payment right before we start, one during the project, and one final payment as we launch. I'm happy to adjust this a little bit if needed, just ask!

What's not included in the package?

You'll need to pay for your domain, your website platform, and your email newsletter service provider like Flodesk for example (if you want to integrate one) separately, which are typically monthly or annual charges.

I require clients to have professional or at least high quality brand photos taken before working together because I believe so strongly that great imagery makes a huge difference, like a whole level of difference plus it builds serious trust with potential customers.

I will provide a mapped out guide so you can write your website copy yourself which I think is the best approach if possible since you really know yourself, you write in your tone/phrases that you use every day, etc., and then I’m pro at editing that down, coming up with clever headlines and such
as needed to polish it off and fit into your user experience/flow of site.

If you're really interested in working with a professional copywriter before our project begins, Rachel and her team at Green Chair Stories is my go-to. All copywriting must be done and submitted to me before our start date, and they're great with aligning the timing of that project with our project.

You'll need to provide the copy for your legal page (Terms and Privacy Policy) for your site. You can purchase templates for these that you'll just fine tune, from a few places – I can steer you in the right direction based on what you need to have. These typically cost between $300-$500, sometimes there are bundles you can get. The Privacy Policy is now required online, the Terms isn't but it's best to have both to legally protect you if issues arise.

What website platform do you build on?

I build on Wix and Showit. I love both for a lot of reasons – we'll talk through which platform would be better for you and your business. Everyone is different!! So I really suggest being open-minded before deciding for sure. It's ultimately up to you, your needs, your preferences, and what you're looking to get out of the platform.

Do you do SEO?

I'll set up basic page titles and page descriptions for you and show you how to edit those areas in your site so you can continue to fine tune them as you grow into the new site. I'm not an SEO guru though and don't claim to be because it's a different beast than design, definitely not my area of expertise. Showit pairs up your site up with a Wordpress account for your blog so you can take advantage of that if you're interested and if you're proactive about SEO/growing your blog. Wix has several spots behind the scenes where they guide you through improving SEO as well. Just to note, their blog page is included and housed within your Wix site.

Can you code?

Nope! Haha, and I haven't needed to. Showit and Wix are both drag-and-drop platforms that allow for fully custom design without the headache of needing to know code. I create your whole website in Illustrator, and then once approved, I build the design from scratch in your chosen platform. I can however embed custom code for things like contact forms from a CRM, your IG feed, etc. into Showit or Wix for you. 

I really want to dive in but I'm so worried about switching platforms, losing my standing on Google, etc...is it worth the move?

Technically speaking, yes, things might be affected or a few things lost when you move and/or create a whole new website on a different platform but I think if you're ready for something new, refreshed, and more you, it's absolutely worth the risk and almost always, the benefits and positive results of the move outweigh any small technical issues or loses you might run into. Showit and Wix both have great guides, Q&As, and support to guide you through learning more of the technical breadth and depth of not only just the platform but how to work on your ranking, SEO, etc. if that's important to you. In my personal opinion (based on my experience), I think your customer experience is EVERYTHING. So it doesn't matter how technically sound your business might be, if a potential customer isn't surprised, delighted, impressed, hooked, in love with your product/service...the Google ranking, SEO, analytics, etc, doesn't even matter. My clients and I are after a real connection, wow-ing clients with our experience, getting great referrals, making an impact in the world offline.

Interested in working together? Have a few more questions for me? Let's chat!