My clients and I share some important things in common:

  • We have a sense of humor because that gets you through anything, am I right?

  • We appreciate good photography

  • We love to feel inspired, and we look to our intuition to guide us

  • We're a couple years into our business and have a feel for where we wanna go

  • We just want to be ourselves 

  • We value having a creative life and thinking outside the box

  • We want to have more fun and freedom in our lives

  • We have a soft spot for eating a big bowl of mac and cheese while watching a 90s/20s chick flick...or maybe that's just me?!


I'm a goof, an eternal optimist, Star Wars lover, a polite rebel, personality type INFP, Australian shepherd mom of two, and Starbucks iced chai addict.


My approach is love.

So get in here already!!