I'm a goof, an eternal optimist, Star Wars lover, a polite rebel, INFP, enneagram 4, Australian Shepherd mom of two, and Starbucks iced chai addict. My approach is love. And mac and cheese fixes anything ...temporarily.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... no, just kidding, more like five years ago, after coughing violently for a year and a half and no hope or answers in sight, I had a scan that showed I had a rare malignant cancerous tumor. I was soooo lucky and blessed to find the right surgeon to remove it. That experience taught me so much and toughened me up – I miss the me before all that sometimes but what we go through that doesn’t kill us, literally does make us stronger for it. I still think being optimistic, positive, a little naive, having fun, living simpler, should be our goal but the sooner you can learn to embrace both the ups and downs, good days and bad...that life is both, there’s no way around’ll find more peace in this crazy magical journey we’re on. I just knew that when I recovered from my surgery, I'd always be chasing after doing something I love so here I am! This life of yours is your art, make something really beautiful out of it, there's no time to waste.